Media Planning and Buying Services

We can purchase media in a variety of platforms from traditional radio to print to online to television to social media to billboards. Our clients deserve the best and that means maximum impact for minimum media dollars spent. Media Partners utilize appropriate media type and budget to reach our clients targeted demographics.

For each campaign:

  • Planning begins by conducting a pre-analysis for: the target audience, market penetration, reach and frequency, and other medium-specific benchmarks.

  • Once planning is complete, we begin using our extensive market connections to negotiate prices and "value added" promotions to maximize your budget and place your schedule.

  • While the schedule is running, we constantly monitor its effectiveness and make necessary changes to ensure the schedules’ success.

  • When the schedule is finished a complete post-analysis is conducted in rated television and radio markets to ensure our goals were met and to enhance future schedules.

Media Partners can buy media in a variety of platforms: print, radio, online, social media, and television, as well as Pandora and Youtube for a broader market saturation.